Comedian Nick Thune Sports Guitar, Occasional Beard

By Emilie Mutert

Seattle-born and L.A.-based Nick Thune is immature and high and white and has lovable facial hair and a guitar. Despite all this he is flattering amiable and funny, as we can see in his appear-ances on Conan and The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon or hear when he guest on podcasts like Comedy Bang-Bang! or You Made It Weird. He’s cited Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg as influences, and it shows.

Thune’s material, featured on his 2010 entrance manuscript Thick Noon, is full of one-line absurdisms and subtly crafty plays-on-words. He strums acoustic guitar during his sets, that helps to harmonize a jokes that infrequently seem to come from left field, or even from another margin altogether. The 33-year-old’s standup character could also be compared to Demetri Martin, solely Thune has a beard.

Nick Thune is behaving 6 sets during a Punchline Comedy Club, Mar 20-23, starting during 7:30 p.m., 444 Battery St., S.F. Tickets are $22.

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